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parsha insights - pekudei

03/09/2016 03:28:05 PM


This concluding Parsha of the Book of Exodus contains an exact accounting of the gold, silver and copper donated for the Tabernacle.  That's what Pekudei means - the counting.  Everything in G-d's Torah contains an eternal lesson for every Jew.

What can we learn from the Torah's recording of the exact amount of these precious metals?

Every Jew has precious "metals", raw material.  These are the talents, abilities, and faculties that G-d created us with.  We have the privilege and responsibilities of using all of our gifts for goodness, kindness and positivity. It is a holy, precious mission, to be able to account for all of these G-d given abilities.

Purim Laws and Customs
1.   The Fast of Esther begins on Wednesday morning, March 23rd.

2.    Wednesday afternoon donate a half shekel.
3.    Purim begins Wednesday night, March 23rd.  Al Hanissim is added to Shemoni Esrei and Birkat Hamazon on Purim.
4.    Everyone must hear the Megillah twice on Purim; Wednesday night and Thursday.
5.    Shaloch Manot: On Thursday, you must give to at least one friend, two types of ready-to-eat foods or drinks.  For example, a fruit and a drink.
6.    Matanot L'evyonim: On Thursday, March 24th, you must give a donation of tzedaka to two different recipients.
7.    Seudah: On Thursday afternoon before sunset, you must eat a special Purim meal, with hamotzei.

Important Purim announcements
1.   Please register on our website for the synagogue seudah

2.   This year we are not having a synagogue Shaloch Manot program.  Be sure to do it yourself.
3.   Rabbi Kornfeld will be collecting Matanot L'evyonim which he will distribute on Purim.
3.   Next week, the Monday night class will take place on Wednesday evening, March 16th, from 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Island Crust Cafe.  Arrive early to order dinner!  The topic is Purim: Insights and Laws. 

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