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12/09/2023 Vayeshev 12/09/2023 2 Booked
Sponsored by Sandorffy Family
Dedication In memory of Henrika's father, Markus Wiederkehr

Sponsored by Marc and Patricia Silverman and Family
Dedication In loving memory of Marc Silverman's beloved mother, Mindl bas Peretz.

12/16/2023 Miketz 12/16/2023 Open Register Now
12/23/2023 Vayigash 12/23/2023 Sponsored by Debra and Peter Rettman
Dedication In honor of our 40th Anniversary!

12/30/2023 Vayechi 12/30/2023 Sponsored by Sandorffy Family
Dedication In memory of Michael's father, Jeno Sandorffy

01/06/2024 Shemot Sponsored by Sharon Boguch
Dedication In honor of Menachem Mendel Baronsky's Yahrtzeit

01/13/2024 Vaera Register Now
01/20/2024 Bo Register NowSponsored by Carla Greenbaum and Fred Tobis
Dedication In memory of my mother, Phyllis (Zipporah) Greenbaum who died in 2019

Sponsored by Edwin and Pnina Mirsky
Dedication In loving memory of Eva Mirsky Z"L - passed away at the beautiful age of 93.

Sponsored by Bev Horwitz
Dedication In memory of Eddie Horwitz's First Yahrzeit

Sponsored by Vivian and David Blum
Dedication Yahzeits for David's father Bennett Blum, Vivian's father Fred Kahn and Vivian's mother Esther Kahn

01/27/2024 Beshalach Open Register Now
02/03/2024 Yitro Sponsored by Sarah and Joel Baskin
Dedication Celebration of Avi Baskin's Bar mitzvah

02/10/2024 Mishpatim Sponsored by Janet and Menachem Rochon
Dedication Yahrzeits of Janet's father and stepfather

02/17/2024 Terumah Sponsored by Naomi Newman
Dedication In memory of Gerda Weiss, Naomi's mother.

02/24/2024 Tetzaveh Sponsored by Feit Family
Dedication In honor of the yahrzeit of Deena's mother, Mona Shimshi Greenberg

03/02/2024 Ki Tisa Open Register Now
03/09/2024 Vayakhel Open Register Now
03/16/2024 Pekudei Open Register Now
03/23/2024 Vayikra Sponsored by Anonymous
Dedication In honor of my parents

03/30/2024 Tzav Sponsored by Leya Johnston and Stephen Ruskin
Dedication For Leya - No Evidence of Disease and For Stephen - Anniversary of Bar Mitzvah

04/06/2024 Shmini Open Register Now
04/13/2024 Tazria Sponsored by Debra and Peter Rettman
Dedication In honor of Zelle and Omri Nimni's 5th anniversary and the birth of our Granddaughter Estelle. Also, In honor of Saba Yosi Nimni visiting from Amherst Mass; and Aunt Rachel Rettman visiting from Santa Monica Ca.

04/20/2024 Metzora Sponsored by Julie Hirsch
Dedication Shabbat Hagadol - Memory of Irving Hirsch

05/04/2024 Achrei Mot Open Register Now
05/11/2024 Kedoshim Open Register Now
05/18/2024 Emor Open Register Now
05/25/2024 Behar Sponsored by Randy and Jennifer Kessler and family
Dedication In loving memory of Stephen L. Kessler z"l

06/01/2024 Bechukotai Open Register Now
06/08/2024 Bamidbar Open Register Now
06/13/2024 Shavuot Day 2 Sponsored by Julie Hirsch
Dedication in memory of my mother, Bobbi Hirsch's 6th yartzheit

06/15/2024 Nasso Open Register Now
06/22/2024 Beha'alotcha Open Register Now
06/29/2024 Sh'lach Open Register Now
07/06/2024 Korach Open Register Now
07/13/2024 Chukat Open Register Now
07/20/2024 Balak Open Register Now
07/27/2024 Pinchas Open Register Now
08/03/2024 Matot-Masei Open Register Now
08/10/2024 Devarim Open Register Now
08/17/2024 Vaetchanan Open Register Now
08/24/2024 Eikev Open Register Now
08/31/2024 Re'eh Open Register Now
09/07/2024 Shoftim Open Register Now
09/14/2024 Ki Teitzei Open Register Now
09/21/2024 Ki Tavo Open Register Now
09/28/2024 Nitzavim-Vayeilech Open Register Now
10/05/2024 Ha'Azinu Open Register Now
10/12/2024 Yom Kippur & Yizkor Open Register Now
10/19/2024 Chol Hamoed Sukkot Open Register Now
10/26/2024 Bereshit Open Register Now
11/02/2024 Noach Open Register Now
11/09/2024 Lech Lecha Open Register Now
11/16/2024 Vayera Open Register Now
11/23/2024 Chayei Sara Open Register Now
11/30/2024 Toldot Open Register Now
12/07/2024 Vayetzei Open Register Now
12/14/2024 Vayishlach Open Register Now
12/21/2024 Vayeshev Open Register Now
12/28/2024 Miketz Open Register Now


Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784