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Kiddush Calendar

You can now make Kiddush selections through the Kiddush calendar. Please select the date you wish to sponsor and complete the form. Click here to view menu selections. 

All members are asked to LOGIN first before sponsoring a Kiddush.

Sponsorship and menu options are displayed after you select the date, below, and before you confirm the sponsorship.

Each Kiddush may be sponsored by multiple sponsors. Please make arrangements with your co-sponsor(s), then select the Kiddush date, below, and options on the Kiddush order form. In the comments field, please indicate how much should be charged against each account and the member/account name(s).

12/02/2017 Vayishlach - 12/2/2017 Open Register Now
12/09/2017 Vayeshev - 12/9/2017 Sponsored by Randy and Joe Fischer
Dedication In appreciation of the community's support during the birth of our son and in honour of Joe's 55th birthday.

12/16/2017 Miketz - 12/16/2017 Sponsored by Henrika and Michael Sandorffy
Dedication in memory of Henrika's father, Markus Wiederkehr.

12/23/2017 Vayigash - 12/23/2017 Sponsored by Island Synagogue Kiddush Fund

12/30/2017 Vayehi - 12/30/2017 Sponsored by Island Synagogue Kiddush Fund

01/06/2018 Shemot - 1/6/2018 Sponsored by Janet and Menachem Rochon
Dedication Honor Janet father's yahrzeit

01/13/2018 Vaera - 1/13/2018 Sponsored by Sarah and Joel Baskin
Dedication In honor of Yossi's and Moishe's Bar Mitzvah

01/20/2018 Bo - 1/20/2018 Sponsored by Sarah and Joel Baskin
Dedication In honor of Rich Gilmore, Rabbi Kornfeld and all of the eruv checkers for all of their hard and wet work. And a huge thank you to Randy Fischer for all of the help, support and extra sanity during our Bar Mitzvah.

01/27/2018 Beshalach - 1/27/2018 Sponsored by Harry, Michele, Shoshana & Aviva Medved
Dedication In honor of Michael & Diane Medved's wedding anniversary & baby Julia's 1st birthday

02/03/2018 Yitro - 2/3/2018 Open Register Now
02/10/2018 Mishpatim - 2/10/2018 Sponsored by Schiller Family
Dedication Yahrzeit Babette Schiller

02/17/2018 Terumah - 2/17/2018 Open Register Now
02/24/2018 Tetzaveh - 2/24/2018 Open Register Now
03/03/2018 Ki Tisa - 3/3/2018 Open Register Now
03/10/2018 Vayakhel-Pekudei - 3/10/2018 Open Register Now
03/17/2018 Vayikra - 3/17/2018 Open Register Now
03/24/2018 Tzav - 3/24/2018 Open Register Now
04/14/2018 Shmini - 4/14/2018 Open Register Now
04/21/2018 Tazria-Metzora - 4/21/2018 Open Register Now
04/28/2018 Achrei Mot-Kedoshim - 4/28/2018 Open Register Now
05/05/2018 Emor - 5/5/2018 Open Register Now
05/12/2018 Behar-Bechukotai - 5/12/2018 Open Register Now
05/19/2018 Bamidbar - 5/19/2018 Sponsored by Devorah and Saul Gamoran
Dedication In honor of Erin and Eric upcoming wedding

05/26/2018 Nasso - 5/26/2018 Open Register Now
06/02/2018 Beha'alotcha - 6/2/2018 Open Register Now
06/09/2018 Sh'lach - 6/9/2018 Open Register Now
06/16/2018 Korach - 6/16/2018 Sponsored by Henrika & Michael Sandorffy
Dedication In memory of Michael's mother, Esther Sandorffy

06/23/2018 Chukat - 6/23/2018 Open Register Now
06/30/2018 Balak- 6/30/2018 Open Register Now


Wed, January 17 2018 1 Shevat 5778