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07/02/2022 Korach 07/02/2022 Register NowSponsored by Josue and Esmeralda Hernandez
Dedication Celebrating our Conversion and Marriage anniversary

07/09/2022 Chukat 07/09/2022 Register NowSponsored by Sandorffy Family
Dedication In memory of Esther Sandorffy

07/16/2022 Balak 07/16/2022 Register NowSponsored by Chernicoff Family
Dedication In memory of Rich's mother Liora bat Yisrael David z"l

Sponsored by Dr. Carol Teitz
Dedication In Memory of Dr. Leo Teitz

07/23/2022 Pinchas 07/23/2022 Register NowSponsored by Jami and Rodney Blumenstein
Dedication In memory of Kennth Blumenstein

07/30/2022 Matot-Masei 07/30/2022 Register NowSponsored by Bloch Family
Dedication In memory of Jean Laboff 5th Yahrzeit , mother of Sandy Bloch

08/06/2022 Devarim 08/06/2022 Register NowSponsored by Mushka and Nissan Kornfeld
Dedication In honor of Fraida Temma Kornfeld on the occasion of her 1st Birthday!

08/13/2022 Vaetchanan 08/13/2022 Register Now
08/20/2022 Eikev 08/20/2022 Register NowSponsored by Rick and Jodi Negrin
Dedication Jonah's bar mitzvah

08/27/2022 Re'eh 08/27/2022 Register NowSponsored by Jennifer and David Adut
Dedication in honor of Gabriel Jacob Adut's Bar Mitzvah

09/03/2022 Softim 09/03/2022 Register Now
09/10/2022 Ki Teitzei 09/10/2022 Register Now
09/17/2022 Ki Tavo 09/17/2022 Register NowSponsored by Sarah and Joel Baskin
Dedication In honor of Zev's Bar Mitzvah

09/24/2022 Nitzavim 09/24/2022 Register Now
10/01/2022 Vayeilech 10/01/2022 Register Now
10/08/2022 Ha'Azinu 10/08/2022 Register Now
10/10/2022 Sukkot Day 1 10/10/2022 Register Now
10/11/2022 Sukkot Day 2 10/11/2022 Register Now
10/15/2022 Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot 10/15/2022 Register NowSponsored by Henrika & Michael Sandorffy & Family
Dedication In memory of Bronia Wiederkehr, Henrika's mother

10/17/2022 Shemini Atzeret 10/17/2022 Register Now
10/22/2022 Bereshit 10/22/2022 Register NowSponsored by Frimer Family
Dedication In Memory of Morris Frimer (12th year)

10/29/2022 Noach 10/29/2022 Register Now
11/05/2022 Lech Lecha Register Now
11/12/2022 Vayera Register Now
11/19/2022 Chayei Sara Register Now
11/26/2022 Toldot Register Now
12/03/2022 Vayetzei Register Now
12/10/2022 Vayishlach Register Now
12/17/2022 Vayeshev Register Now
12/24/2022 Miketz Register Now
12/31/2022 Vayigash Register Now
01/07/2023 Vayechi Register Now
01/14/2023 Shemot Register Now
01/21/2023 Vaera Register Now
01/28/2023 Bo Register Now
02/04/2023 Beshalach Register Now
02/11/2023 Yitro Register Now
02/18/2023 Mishpatim Register Now
02/25/2023 Terumah Register Now
03/04/2023 Tetzaveh Register Now
03/11/2023 Ki Tisa Register Now
03/18/2023 Vayakhel-Pekudei Register Now
03/25/2023 Vayikra Register Now
04/01/2023 Tzav Register Now
04/08/2023 Chol Hamoed Pesach Register Now
04/15/2023 Shmini Register Now
04/22/2023 Tazria-Metzora Register Now
04/29/2023 Achrei Mot-Kedoshim Register Now
05/06/2023 Emor Register Now
05/13/2023 Behar-Bechukotai Register Now
05/20/2023 Bamidbar Register Now
05/27/2023 Shavuot & Yizkor Register Now
06/03/2023 Nasso Register Now
06/10/2023 Beha'alotcha Register Now
06/17/2023 Sh'lach Register Now
06/24/2023 Korach Register Now


Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782