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Eruv is Pending for Shabbat September 25-26

This is Island Synagogue

A Modern Orthodox congregation that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds
and levels of observance


At home Praying during Yom Kippur with Artscroll Machzor

In these unusual circumstances, some congregants are choosing to pray at home this Yom Kippur. Rabbi Kornfeld has prepared these recommendations for halachically correct prayer at home. The page numbers below are from the prayerbook labelled "The Complete Artscroll Machzor" for Yom Kippur, this is different from the prayerbooks for everyday use or the ones used for Rosh Hashana. If you need a copy, Island Synagogue has placed extras in a box in front of the synagogue, see instructions posted there.

In addition, Rabbi Kornfeld is teaching "How to Yom Kippur During Covid" on Zoom this Thursday night at 7:30CLICK HERE for the link and it will also be up on our facebook page by Friday morning. Don't forget to print this before Shabbat!

Wishing you bodily health and soaring spirit this Yom Kippur,

Jon Newman

Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld


Sunday, September 27th, - Erev Yom Kippur

Candle lighting (before 6:37 pm) 

Say: Page 35 

Tallit (before 6:55 pm)

Say: Page 37 

Kol Nidrei

Say: Pages 59 and 61

Maariv (omit Borchu and Kaddish)

Say: Pages 67 - 99 

Selichot (optional) (omit Thirteen Attributes of Mercy)

Say: Pages 103 - 163   

Monday, September 28th - Yom Kippur 


Say: Pages 247-253

Skip: Pages 255 - 281 (optional)

Say: Pages 283 - 325

Say: Top of Page 327

Skip: Pages 327 and 329

Say: Pages 331 - 337

Skip: Pages 339 and 341

Say: Pages 343 - 365

Skip: Pages 367 - 435

Say: Pages 437 and 439

Skip: Pages 441 - 469

Say: Pages 471 - 479 (follow your custom)


Say: Pages 487 - 501


Say: Pages 651 - 665

Skip: Pages 667 - 699

Say: Pages 701 - 705


Say: Pages 707 - 725

Skip: Pages 727 - 759  

Say: Pages 759 - 765


Say: Pages 767 - 783  

Skip: Pages 785 - 791  

Say: Pages  791 - 803


Daily Indoor Services


Shacharit will tentatively be Sundays @ 8am,  Mondays through Thursdays 7am. Please call or Text Rabbi Kornfeld @ 206-679-9117 to confirm your participation and to confirm it will be happening. 

- Please let us know you are coming to in-person services (daily or Shabbat) by clicking HERE. Please review and confirm our important health policies.

Wine and Chocolate is still available

Help us finish off the wine and chocolate leftovers!

Please CLICK HERE and see if there is something you would like. Send your order to Keith at Keith will then contact you for pickup arrangements. The inventory list will be updated as the orders come in, and will be filled in order of which the emails are received. Please email or call 206-356-6400 if you have any questions.


Our hospitality committee is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for observant Jews visiting Island Synagogue.

We can arrange lodging and meals over Shabbat and holidays for singles, couples and families. We also provide information about where to find kosher food.

If you are visiting Western Washington, or would like simply to visit Island Synagogue for Shabbat or a holiday, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and introduce you to our warm community.

Wed, September 23 2020 5 Tishrei 5781