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ERUV is Pending for November 15-16

                                 this is island synagogue

A Modern Orthodox congregation that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds
and levels of observance


we hope to see you toniGHT (11/14) @ 7pm

Free Admission - All proceeds support Island Synagogue

we hope to see you on tuesday nights!

Be sure to register for next wednesday's class

LESSON 1: This Wednesday!


Changing of the Garden: a World Abloom in Goodness

With the Rebbe’s outstanding, indefatigable optimism, he taught that all that transpires in the universe are expressions of G-d’s beautiful “garden.” How can we dig beneath the surface and uncover that wellspring of goodness and virtue? Gain insight into a different view of the world.


Wednesday, November 20, 2019 AT 7:30 P.M.


Please email to register.


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Our hospitality committee is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for observant Jews visiting Island Synagogue.

We can arrange lodging and meals over Shabbat and holidays for singles, couples and families. We also provide information about where to find kosher food.

If you are visiting Western Washington, or would like simply to visit Island Synagogue for Shabbat or a holiday, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and introduce you to our warm community.

Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780