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Kiddush Information

Sponsoring an Island Synagogue Kiddush

Thanks to you and other dedicated and generous sponsors, Island Synagogue is pleased to offer a sit-down kiddush every Shabbat. We encourage everyone to attend and enjoy Rabbi Kornfeld’s Divrei Torah as well as the opportunity to socialize with fellow congregants and visitors.
NEW: There is now an option for a partial sponsorship, minimum $100. The amount you contribute will not be publicized. You will get a "Partial Sponsor" mention on the Kiddush calendar and newsletter.

Kiddush Date Selection:

Check the Kiddush Calendar and click "Register Now" for an open date, then fill out and submit the registration form. Please contact if your plans change.

Note: The Sunday prior to the Kiddush date is the deadline to sponsor any Kiddush other than our standard Mezonos. We will be pleased to recognize your generosity in our Newsletter if you enter your dedication info in the Kiddush order form. If you have any questions email

Sponsorship Options:

Island Synagogue offers these options to sponsor a Kiddush:

Option 1:

Standard Menus (all 4 detailed menus can be seen below this section and All 3 Deluxe Kiddush options are "washing" kiddushes with Challah

#1 Mezonos Basic - $330

#2 Mezonos Baked Salmon - $500 Temporily Unavailable

#3 Deluxe Baked Salmon and Sushi -  $750 - Temporarily Unavailable

#4 Deluxe Chicken and Salmon Kiddush - $650

#5 Deluxe Deli Meat - $750

#6 Deluxe Deli Meat & Sushi Deluxe - $1050


NEW: Add-Ons
Now you can add on sushi, meat cholent or vegetarian cholent to enhance a kiddush.

Vegetarian Cholent - $150 Temporarily Unavailable

Meat Cholent - $175 Temporarily Unavailable

Sushi - $250



All food is sourced from QFC/Seattle Kosher/Costco


Option 2: Custom/Event Kiddush: Select Custom Kiddush on the registration form and contact to plan your event Kiddush. You select your own Island Synagogue-approved caterer and foods, which you pay for separately. $300 Synagogue costs include: 1 kitchen staff, disposable goods for up to 90 people, and linens for our standard setup. Baked goods must be Pas Yisroel and dairy Kiddushim must be Cholov Yisroel; all food items must have a Vaad-approved hechsher.

Option 3: Kiddush Fund: Contribute toward the Kiddush Fund and join others to sponsor the Kiddush program generally. Use the Donations form and select "Kiddush Fund" under the Fund drop down box.

If you anticipate a larger-than-usual crowd for your sponsored Kiddush, please contact Event Coordinator in advance so that we can plan to accomodate additional diners.

Please contact the Event Coordinator with any questions, special requests, etc.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784