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Kiddush Information

Sponsoring an Island Synagogue Kiddush

Thanks to you and other dedicated and generous sponsors, Island Synagogue is pleased to offer a sit-down kiddush every Shabbat.  We encourage everyone to attend and enjoy Rabbi Kornfeld’s Divrei Torah as well as the opportunity to socialize with fellow congregants and visitors.

To assure correct association between a sponsoring member and their Island Synagogue account, members are asked to log into the Island Synagogue website before proceeding further.

Kiddush Date Selection:

Check the Kiddush Calendar and select an open date.  Please reserve a kiddush date only when you are certain of your sponsorship plans.

Something to remember: the Sunday prior to the Kiddush date is the deadline to sponsor.

Sponsorhip Options:

Island Synagogue offers four options to sponsor a Kiddush.

Option 1Kiddush Fund: Contribute toward the Kiddush Fund (minimum $50) and join others to sponsor a Kiddush. Each dedication will be acknowledged. The Kiddush will include the standard menu.

Temporarily, please use the Donations form and select "Kiddush Fund" under the Fund drop down box.


Option 2Menu choices: Sponsor a Kiddush on your own or with a friend by selecting one of the following menus on the Kiddush order form (after selecting your date on the calendar).


Option 3: Custom Kiddush: Pay $200 to cover Island Synagogue costs and select your own Island Synagogue-approved caterer and foods, which you pay for separately. Synagogue costs include: 1 kitchen staff, disposable goods for up to 90 people, and linens for our standard setup. Please note that baked goods must be Pas Yisroel and dairy Kiddushim must be Cholov Yisroel. All food items must have a Vaad-approved hechsher. You can select Custom Kiddush on the order form and then contact with details. A custom Kiddush includes any changes made to the standard menus, above.

Option 4: Event Kiddush: Please check the Kiddush calendar for open Kiddush dates and contact to plan your event Kiddush.

Note: We generally seat 80-90 diners at a standard Kiddush.  However, for special events anticipating a larger crowd, we are able to accommodate additional diners. Check with Event Coordinator or Caterer for recommended amounts.

Please contact the Event Coordinator with any questions, special requests, etc.

Sat, July 20 2019 17 Tammuz 5779