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Parsha Insights - Tetzaveh

02/17/2016 11:50:21 AM


The Parsha begins with Moshe being told by Hashem, to command the Jews to provide olive oil for the lighting of the Menorah in the Mishkan.  The verb that is used to describe the lighting is "Le'ha'alot", which means to elevate.
Why doesn't the verse use the more common verb "Le'hadlik", to kindle? 
The soul of a Jew is called a "lamp of Hashem", by King Solomon.  A deeper, spiritual lesson of the kindling of the Menorah, is that we are instructed to kindle our soul, that is compared to a lamp with oil and a wick, but no flame.  When we study Torah, or do a Mitzvah, we are lighting our soul.
However we could just kindle, or even better, elevate.  Torah is not just the greatest text ever written; it is holy Divine wisdom.  A Mitzvah is not just a good deed, it is a holy Divine will.  By studying Torah and performing a Mitzvah, with the awareness that they are Hashem's will and wisdom, we not only kindle our soul, but we elevate it.
The Tefillin we don every weekday, has specific places where they must be placed.
For a right handed man, the hand Tefillin must be placed on the left bicep tilted toward the body. For a left handed man the Tefillin is placed on the right bicep. The knot must be touching the box.  
The head Tefillin, must be placed in the middle of one's head, above the hairline.  Its knot is placed just below the bone at the nape.
Mashiach Matters
The awareness and knowledge of G-d will remove the narrow minded dispositions that lead to strife and war.  It will be an era of peace and harmony, in the Holy Land and throughout the world.
Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780