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Shevet Achim has New Home

12/31/2014 08:09:38 PM



After more than a year of hard work and fundraising, Congregation Shevet Achim has purchased a new home, only blocks from our current location. This is especially important, as our growing congregation of more than 90 families with nearly 100 children needs more space. As the Mercer Island Reporter writes:

On Nov. 7, two Mercer Island faith communities announced the completion of a transaction that will maintain one of Mercer Island’s most prominent churches as a house of worship. 

The Jewish Sound also reported on this exciting new development:

“It was a true testament to the community that people stepped up to contribute to make the purchase a reality,” said Shevet Achim president Josh Adler. “I believe that for a lot of people it was the vision of what the building [and] the campus could provide the congregation.” The church was built in 1961 and is highly regarded by architectural preservationists. In addition to a sanctuary space that can hold up to 244, the building has a 3,500 hundred-foot multipurpose space.”

We moved into our new home on January 11. 

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