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Mishloach Manot order form

Mishloach Manot ("sending of portions"), also called a Purim basket, are gifts of food or drink that are sent to family and friends on Purim day. The Mitzvah of giving Mishloach Manot derives from the Book of Esther. While the Island Synagogue Mishloach Manot does not fulfill the Miztvah of giving two ready-to-eat items directly to another person (of the same gender), it enhances community and friendship. Please join us in this festive program.

Everyone who orders Island Synagogue Mishloach Manot will receive Mishloach Manot and all participants' names will appear on the card. If you would like to give Mishloach Manot to someone else, you may order extra that you will deliver directly. 

Click here to register for the Purim Seudah.  See form below to order Mishloach Manot.

Members, please log into the Island Synagogue website prior to placing your order so your account will be updated accurately.

Deadline to order is Wednesday, February 21st at 5:00 p.m.

Your name will be included on the card with each Mishloach Manot sent by Island Synagogue to all who participate in the program.

This is your home address for the Mishloach Manot to be delivered, or enter "Island Synagogue" if you prefer to pick it up. Deliveries can only be made on Mercer Island.

Date and location will be provided.

More details will be sent to you. 

Thank you for your support in making Purim Mishloach Manot a success!

Payment options will be displayed after you click submit.


Tue, February 20 2018 5 Adar 5778