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Kiddush Information

Sponsoring a CSA Kiddush

Thanks to you and other dedicated and generous sponsors, Congregation Shevet Achim is pleased to offer a sit-down kiddush every Shabbos.  We encourage everyone to attend and enjoy Rabbi Kornfeld’s Divrei Torah as well as the opportunity to socialize with fellow congregants and visitors.

To assure correct association between a sponsoring member and their Shevet Achim account, members are asked to log into the Shevet Achim website before proceeding further.


Before selecting a date to sponsor a kiddush, please check the Kiddush Calendar.  We also request that you reserve a kiddush date only when you are certain of your sponsorship plans.

Something to remember: You must sponsor a kiddush at least ten days in advance.

CSA offers three types of Kiddush Menu options:

·        $ 400 for Standard Kiddush (minimum charge)
         $ 400 Deluxe Kiddush PLUS cost of selected
                   Add-On items
         For a Catered Kiddush, see additional details below*

There is only one sponsor per Kiddush date. However, if a sponsor wishes to share sponsorship with others, the sponsor has a private responsibility to make any such arrangement.  When completing the section of the sign-up form via the Kiddush Calendar that requests the pertinent information, the sponsor may choose to mention or invite additional joint sponsors. Each Kiddush may be sponsored by multiple sponsors. Check with the Kiddush Manager for instructions.

Individuals wishing to support but not sponsor a given kiddush may do so by selecting a kiddush date and entering their name(s), dedication, and contribution amount on the Kiddush Contribution page.

The Rabbi will acknowledge from the Bimah the sponsor and contributors to the kiddush on the day of the kiddush. In addition, they will be named in the next Weekly Bulletin.

Please take note of the following:

•    All prices are based on an average kiddush attendance of 80-90 people; approximate portions per person are noted per vendor suggestion. 

 •    Refer to Vendor List for information on approved caterers and vendors.  Any other caterer/vendor NOT APPROVED BY THE VA’AD must be authorized in advance by Rabbi Kornfeld and the CSA Board.  Outside food is not permitted.  Nut allergies are respected.  All food orders must be confirmed at least one week in advance by the Kiddush Manager.

•    Our paid synagogue staff and weekly volunteers handle seating arrangements, table and buffet self-service, and cleanup after kiddush.

•    If you are hosting visitors or expecting out-of-town guests, please contact the Kiddush Manager to plan for additional seating and food.

•    On the Kiddush Order Form, please enter your name and sponsorship information exactly as you would like it to appear on the calendar and in the synagogue’s Weekly Bulletin acknowledgment. 

NOTE:  Any sponsor or contributor may request anonymity and their name(s) will not be divulged.


Another option is to have your kiddush catered by one of the following approved caterers.  Sponsor(s) will independently arrange for food, set-up, service, and clean-up costs.

You will be billed $250 for synagogue service, which includes paper goods, beverages, table & chair use and set-up, clean-up, and staff help from 9:30am - 430pm.  Anything beyond that period will be billed at a separate hourly rate.  The Kiddush Manager can also assist in hiring CSA Shul staff to assist with your event; staff sets their own hourly rates and will bill you directly.  Food delivery and kitchen use must be coordinated in advance with the Kiddush Manager.

We currently use the following Caterers; should you wish to use a caterer not on this list, please check directly with Rabbi Kornfeld:

·        North QFC on Mercer Island
         Leah’s Catering


Our standard weekly sit-down kiddushim are parve and “non-washing” (no bread or rolls - both items may be ordered separately, see “Ala Carte” items listed above).

Meat and Dairy menus are also permitted, with advance notice.

We generally seat 80-90 diners at a Standard Kiddush.  However, for special events anticipating a larger crowd, we are able to accommodate additional diners. Please note that additional food must be ordered on such occasions.  Check with Kiddush Manager or Caterer for recommended amounts.

We invite you to contact the Kiddush Manager should you have any questions, special requests, etc.

Sun, June 24 2018 11 Tammuz 5778